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CICN's virtual bundle model achieves significant savings by executing organized care pathways. Thus, much of the cost reduction occurs within upstream and downstream services.


The Cost Comparison Calculator is an estimation tool for Value-Based Primary Care Groups, TPA's and Payers. The calculator produces an estimated difference in costs using CICN Virtually Bundled Care versus Usual Care. This is an estimate only.

How to Use

Enter numbers from your organization in the appropriate sections. It is important that numbers for each category be entered for accurate comparison.


The Cost Comparison Calculator is hard-coded with average utilization rates and care seeking behavior for patients with musculoskeletal conditions. Hard-coded metrics include the following:

  • Portal of Entry for Musculoskeletal Care Seekers

    • Primary Care - 61%

    • Chiropractor - 28%

    • Physical Therapist- 11%

  • Advanced Imaging Average Cost

    • $850

  • CICN Average Case Cost

    • Includes cost of Basic Medical Care, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and Advanced Imaging

  • CICN Utilization Rates of Advanced Imaging

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