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Better Outcomes, Fewer Dollars: How the CICN Model Reduces Healthcare Spending

Third party data spanning over three years was recently released to Colorado Integrated Care Network (CICN). The data compared total cost of care for patients with back pain or neck pain that first presented to a CICN clinic versus non-CICN clinics (Colorado market average). The data shows that patients who first present to CICN clinics spend 34% less than the Colorado market average. Notably, this reduction in cost is not associated with lower quality healthcare. In fact, it's quite the opposite. CICN enjoys an exceptional patient satisfaction rate and below industry average "patient leakage" rate (patients leaving the system to pursue care elsewhere). Thus, patients are happy with the care they are receiving and experiencing a resolution of their condition through CICN care only.

The primary source of savings is not "cheap" visits. In fact, a single visit at a CICN clinic actually costs more than the market average, specifically for CICN conservative care disciplines (Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, and Acupuncture). However, the CICN model of care reduces the average visits to resolve a case by nearly 50% on average. This is achieved by using multiple providers and disciplines, and spending more time with patients, in each visit.

The CICN model of care results in fewer visits to resolution, expensive diagnostic tests, injections, surgeries, and number of unaffiliated providers seen. This results in a 34% reduction in total cost of care compared to the Colorado market average.

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