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At CICN, outcome metrics drive clinical decisions and accountability. This approach improves predictability in outcomes and cost of care, reduces unnecessary care and procedures, and creates a standardized approach specific to diagnosis. These factors set the stage for CICN being among the first musculoskeletal health groups to move to value-based care. 

For our full 2017 Outcome Metrics and Discussion Paper click the link below:

The following slideshow shows several broad results of our metric-driven system. The following successes were achieved in 2016 and 2017.

  • Average visits to resolution reduced by 30-50% compared to usual care.

  • Patient copay costs for CICN care reduced nearly 50% compared to usual care.

  • Patient lost productive time due to care reduced by nearly 40% compared to usual care.

  • Implementation of software tools improved outcomes and consistency of outcomes over two years, setting the stage for the ability of CICN to move to value-based.

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