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Musculoskeletal Network

Value-Based. Patient Centered. Data Driven.

New in 2022:
A Game Changing Virtual Front Door

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Stepwise Pain Solutions (SPS) is a complete musculoskeletal healthcare pathway that is built with the sole objective of optimizing value for every single patient. SPS combines a powerful patient navigation platform with virtual care options, remote symptom monitoring and alerts, a high performing multidisciplinary provider network, and a progressive care summary that follows the patient journey. Most importantly, it factors in circumstances unique to each individual.

Our years of value-based research uncovered where avoidable costs are incurred. Stepwise Pain Solutions is there at every decision point to ensure avoidable costs are avoided. The result is an average savings of over 30%! Experience SPS for yourself at

CICN achieves an average of 21-25% savings compared to peer groups, and 34% savings in total cost of care (episode treatment group)

Cost & Outcome Transparency

Value-Based Payment Solutions

Efficient Outcomes

Patient Engagement

Utilization Management

Clinical Decision-Support

Provider Accountability

Multidisciplinary Care Management

Global Fees

Per Member Per Month

Capitated Rates

Bundled Payments


Spend Transparency

Spend Projections

Open Outcomes Data

Open Cost Data

Virtual First Contact

Multidisciplinary Care

Clinical Decision-Making

Virtual Patient Management


At-Risk Patient Monitoring

Virtual Trainer HEP

Secure Provider Text


Computer Office Work

Network Administrative Hub

Claims Management

Payment Distribution


Woman by the Lake

Corporate Wellness Management

Health Metric Tracking

Diet & Lifestyle Management

Wellness Coaching

Data Tracking & Reporting

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