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The success you dream about is waiting.

Since 2013, we've been helping independently owned musculoskeletal practices thrive by building a community and negotiating as one. Our newest community solutions focus on creating a more efficient business system, reducing administrative "headaches" and overhead, and growing your revenue through our community referral relationships. Deployed over twelve months, these programs are guaranteed to increase profits and build a foundation for long-term success. Let us help you thrive. 

Months 1-4

Months 5-8

Months 9-12

Optimize Profitability


Phase One focuses on optimizing profitability. Costly and burdensome administrative tasks are integrated into our Centralized Services program, which yields a profit increase of 5-7%! 

Marketing & Growth


Phase Two focuses on marketing and practice growth. CICN is the preferred musculoskeletal solution for over 500 primary care physicians in Colorado. We have a proven strategy for marketing your practice to our partner physicians. Additionally, our innovative patient engagement platform improves the patient experience and stimulates internal referrals.



In Phase Three, we put our contracting team to work for you. We rely heavily out outcome data, which requires 6-12 months to become meaningful, when negotiating better paying contracts for your practice. As a large network, we have access to preferred contracts with most payers.

Your business may be considered "small", but you can still profit like you're big.

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