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STEPWISE Pain is a market solution for any stakeholder with a goal of reducing total cost and maximizing value of musculoskeletal care pathways. STEPWISE Pain is the end product of five years of research and pilot programs focused on value-based MSK system development. The initiative is built to serve consumers, Accountable Care Organizations, independent physicians, payers, and employers. 

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STEPWISE Pain Overview
36 Minutes
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All Videos

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We'll do the cumbersome administrative work for you.

Referral management is a costly administrative burden. So, we'll do it for you. Simply give your patient the referral card that matches the Stepwise Pain service directive and we'll take it from there! If you are referring a patient for in-clinic care please fax notes to 888-382-8131. 

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Rapid Referral Process
Referral Directives
2-5 Minutes Each
Symptom Monitoring Only
Home Care + Symptom Monitoring
Physical Therapy or Chiropractic
Pain Management
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