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Torrent Clinical Decision-Making and Patient Management Tool

Achieving Higher Standards Through Metric-Driven Decisions

CICN's goal is to point clinical decision-makers to choose the right care, at the right place, by the right person, at the right time.

Efficient outcomes require the right decisions at critical patient management decision-making points. CICN combines Torrent-BlueJay Engage software tools to organize outcome data, clinical guidelines, profile patients, acquire patient reported outcomes, and pull provider data from our electronic medical records. This data comes together in the form of a provider-facing patient management dashboard and clinical decision-making tool. 


What treatments or combination of treatments achieve the most efficient outcomes? When has a patient achieved maximum medical improvement? What are expected outcomes for the diagnosis? 

From the initiation of care to resolution CICN's Clinical Decision-Making Tool is there to ensure resolution of a complaint occurs as efficiently as possible.

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